*NEW VIDEO* - Defense and Counter Punching Instructional Video


In this instructional video I cover all aspects of defense and counter punching. I break down various ways to defend the jab, the right hand, hooks, uppercuts, and body shots. I show you how to position your body and use footwork to set up counters off of these shots and create your own offense and set-ups. I give special consideration to the outside fighter and the inside fighter, along with a section dedicated to the Philly Shell defense. This video is demonstrated out of an orthodox position, however 90% of the information applies to southpaws as well with the only exception being how you handle the jab. I'm confident this video will solidify your defense and counter punching and give a complete set of tools to work with.

Running Time - 1 hr 20 mins

Price - $35 (digital download)

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VIDEO - Head Movement and Getting Inside


This video demonstrates everything I know in boxing about slipping, ducking, and getting inside. It's peekaboo style on steroids with added techniques and drills to help you integrate head movement and getting inside into your combat repertoire. This video has something for everyone including shorter fighters, tall fighters, inside fighters, outside fighters, and southpaws.

Running Time - 56 mins

Price - $35 (digital download)

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Boxing Footwork Instructional Video


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Price: $35 (digital download)

1 - Stance: Basics of stance, position, and balance
Section 2 - Basic movement: Forwards, backward, and side to side
Section 3 - Push Step: How to close the distance, create space and angles
Section 4 - Pendulum Step:  The most critical step to incorporate into all your boxing and footwork, the basics of this step and how to train it
Section 5 - Lateral Motion: How to move side to side quickly, keep your opponent guessing and get into position quickly to strike
Section 6 - Crosswalking: How to move laterally and maintain your offensive and defensive position
Section 7 - Quarter Turns: Set up angles, get out of the line of fire, set up counters
Section 8 - Switch Step: Quick way to create angles on the inside
Section 9 - Moving backwards:  I cover all variations and how to move backwards intelligently
Section 10 - Shuffle Step - Steal space and get in quickly on an evasive opponent
Section 11 - Step Off Right - How to adjust distance and create a quick angle moving to the right (left for Southpaws)
Section 12 - Shift Walk - How to move forward while slipping punches, allows you to control distance and set up punches while moving forward (peekaboo style footwork)
Section 13 - Stopping on a Dime: How to train to control distance while moving in
Section 14 - Create Space: Some slick moves to create space and keep your opponent guessing
Section 15 - Training and Conditioning: How to train for boxing footwork and some critical drills

Combination Punching Series for Intermediates

The Intermediate combination punching series is available for purchase just below. To watch my video on how to best use this tool please watch the video below:

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Price: $10 (digital download)

The beginner set of my combination punching series is available in the 'Free Downloads' section.
I will have Advanced sets that will be available for purchase coming soon.


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