Many of you have probably seen my Killer Heavybag Workout on the Expertboxing channel.  I designed that workout over years of training so that I could maximize my time on Read More
Jun 25 2015admin0
In this video I discuss the importance of getting into the ideal boxing weight classes for your body type, along with guidelines on how to get there. Analyzing body composition Read More
Jun 07 2015admin0
Before I got into boxing I was big into strength training.  I still am in fact, and have always been throughout my boxing days, however my focus has changed.  I Read More
May 28 2015admin0
Experience having your very own virtual sparring partner who is ready to throwdown and workout with you at any time. Choose your level of skill and the length of the Read More
Apr 23 2015admin0
This is a continuation of Game Plan for Your First Amateur Fight - Part 1 you can check it out here. 4. Be Prepared for the Initial Onslaught There are Read More
Feb 09 2015admin3
This is part 1 of 2 in which I discuss a few key concepts and approaches to making the most out of your first boxing match. 1. Get Into Your Read More
Jan 31 2015admin6
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